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Opening up the treatment space has been interesting, with some people rushing in for their TLC, while others are waiting. If you’re not ready, then that’s ok.

For every client I lose because they are scared – although I’m not really sure what of, I mean, most people are shopping and visiting friends, going to the hairdresser and sending children to school – I am gaining one from years ago, who has realised they really need the treatment more than ever.

It’s been an interesting month.

Years ago, if clients chose not to return for whatever reason, I used to take it personally. What had I done? Why didn’t they want to come back? As I got older, and grew my business, I knew that there were enough people, and salons to go around! For every client lost, we gained two more. The reason why people wanted to change salons was personal to them. I used to see old clients in town and wonder if I should say hello, or whether they would be embarrassed.

What I did know was, I didn’t want them to feel bad about leaving the salon, after all they all had different reasons – money, they had moved house, they had stopped through illness and didn’t think they could come back because they wondered what WE would think. So, I always said hello! That broke the ice, and for whatever their reason for leaving, I was always respectful. It was their choice. I wouldn’t take it personally.

This is happening right now.

Clients are either booking more treatments than they would normally have because they have missed holidays, been locked down for months and have saved money, or they are not booking at all, and that is absolutely fine. It gives me time with others, it gives me time to work on the art side of things. I will still be here and I will welcome them back if and when they decide to return.

Why aren’t they returning? I guess they are unsure with the narrative we have all been given. They are still worried about the virus, but very soon the usual flu and cold season will be upon us, and the protocols here are the same as always – if you feel ill, or a member of your family is ill, please cancel your appointment.

We are in Somerset countryside and the ‘risk’ of getting ‘the rona’ is so small it’s just ridiculous, but we are reminded everyday that the risk is still there when we shop and see people in visors.

I have my concerns that the mental health of many is being harmed because of fear, but if people don’t feel comfortable returning, then that’s ok. Everyone is different.

Don’t make assumptions.

Making assumptions depletes energy levels. If you’re not ready, you’re just not ready. I’m having a direction change of my own, and it’s all good!

There’s a great book called The Four Agreements.

Don’t take things personally.

Don’t make assumptions.

Be impeccable with your word.

Always do your best.

Four things to remember every day.



It’s worth a read if you haven’t already seen it. I do think we can all take things personally at times, especially with social media being so volatile and finger-pointy and the moment. Be kind. Think before you speak and don’t make assumptions.

In other news.

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I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 30 years, with the focus now on the holistic side, treating clients in my tranquil treatment centre on the Somerset Levels. I offer seaweed based facials and massage, with LaStone being my signature treatment. I help people follow their true path, while showing them how connected we all are. Using the Law of Attraction, mindfulness, reiki and many deeper healing techniques, I can facilitate the best possible treatment. In 2017 I was in the midst of menopause - and my own energies shifted and changed, allowing me to embark on a path with Energy Art. This has been a fast transition with me now able to teach Energy Art Workshops - Linking beautifully with mindfulness and energy work. Synchronicity!

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