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It’s that time of year again. It happens every year – the post Christmas detox. The media is full of celebrity fitness videos, new diets, and which juicer/blender to buy. With the vast reach of social media, we see it even more, but believe me, this has been going on every January for years. I’ve […]

Well this was an interesting one. I’ve had to learn to spell schizophrenia for this post! Many of you know that early last year, my 48 year old brother was taken to hospital under section two of the Mental Health Act, where he spent some time getting the help he so desperately needed. We managed […]

poached eggs on avocado brunch

This seems to be the ‘in thing’ for brunch in most restaurants at the moment, and I love it! It’s not difficult to put together at home either, just make sure your avocado is ripe. We all know that can be a bit tricky sometimes. Has anyone tried this tip to ripen one? Packed with goodness. […]

The year has turned, and the detox season begins. Again. I guess I must be getting old when it doesn’t seem five minutes ago I was extolling the virtues of a morning juice regime and dry body brushing to kick start the New Year of 2106. A whole year on, and I’m here again seeing […]

No matter where you look, it’s with us again….Detox. Diet this, detox that. Good Carbs, low carbs, sugar free, juicing, 5:2…. blah blah blah. I guess this is when I notice how many years I have been doing what I do. It hardly seems five minutes ago that I was answering questions on juicing and detox, […]

So, some of you have done a full detox, some have just cleared out the cheese and chocolate mountain from Christmas and others are still, very admirably, on the 28 day Global Detox with Jason Vale.  Whatever little post Christmas re-boot you have chosen, remember that the key is BALANCE! There is no point in […]


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