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Most of you will know that my brother has been going through some amazing changes since having a diagnosis of Autism and Schizophrenia nearly two years ago. If you are new to this blog, read about it here. We always knew he was different, but could never get him assessed, as he was always falling […]

Well this was an interesting one. I’ve had to learn to spell schizophrenia for this post! Many of you know that early last year, my 48 year old brother was taken to hospital under section two of the Mental Health Act, where he spent some time getting the help he so desperately needed. We managed […]

Today was a lesson in patience. One of those moments when you just have to breathe, and step back a little. I haven’t seen my brother for a week or two. Trying to back off and see how he managed by himself. Although he has support from Mencap in the block of flats where he […]

It’s been nearly a year since my brother was admitted to hospital under section 2 of the Mental Health Act. So much has happened since then, having to cut through all the red tape, and then find him somewhere new to live. It has been an eventful time but so rewarding. Today, as the weather […]

I haven’t written much about my brother recently, probably because everything is ticking a long quite nicely. This week I have been thinking about his generosity towards others. How he always gives to a homeless person in the street and how he will put his change in a charity box at a till. I see […]

‘Pixies live in there.’ I said pointing to mossy, leaf covered undergrowth. ‘What, little pig men?’ said my brother. ‘What?’ ‘Pig-zees…… What are they then?’ ‘Male Faeries’ ‘Oh.’ I couldn’t believe I spent the next few minutes explaining what a Pixie looked like and what their role in the eco system was. Bless him. We […]

Today, being the last Sunday before Christmas, I expected great crowds in Taunton town. It was practically deserted. Not a bad thing as my brother doesn’t do crowds and finds queuing frustrating. We met for our now regular monthly Sunday breakfast at The Cosy Club, and then to do a little food shopping. ‘It’s freezing.’ He […]

It’s very often the small things that give the most joy. Yesterday was one of those days. For those of you who have been following the story of my autistic brother over the summer, you will know that we have moved on from a very dark place. A place of sectioning under the Mental Health […]

A little update is in order as a few clients have been asking how my brother is getting on. The brief answer is, he is doing very well indeed. Better than we could have imagined! He moved to his new flat three weeks ago and after a period of adjustment, he has begun to settle in […]

You can’t expect to help and heal others if you don’t look after yourself. This is a fact. However, we are all human and sometimes life can take over a little, and we forget. The ten minutes of morning yoga can easily disappear. The five minutes of mindfulness while doing the washing up just gets […]


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