The Non Holiday

I wait all year for my week of skiing. I'm not a very daring skier, and often find it quite ...
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Soup season is here.

I recently stumbled upon a bargain. Not a new pair of shoes or a coat. I mean an real bargain, ...
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Squash and Orange Cake

I've done recipes for chocolate courgette cake and beetroot cake, in the past, and even this one made it into ...
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What to do with all those courgettes? Make cake of course!

A little bit of naughtiness for you. Cake every now and then doesn't do you any harm. Dark chocolate and ...
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It’s Kombucha time!

When I was away skiing in Austria, there were bottles of Kombucha at breakfast, so this became a new morning ...
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Why have I never tried overnight oats?

So much to learn, so much to discover. Why on earth had I never tried over night oats? (Also known ...
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poached eggs on avocado brunch

Perfect brunch

This seems to be the 'in thing' for brunch in most restaurants at the moment, and I love it! It's ...
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It’s soup season.

This is the season for soup making. Every TV cook has a selection of great new recipes for amazingly nourishing ...
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Fermented foods for your gut garden!

It wasn't until I started skiing in Austria that I discovered the joys of raw fermented sauerkraut. Every day with ...
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The making of the Christmas cake

For once I am organised for Christmas. Well, as far as the Christmas cake making goes anyway. I'm sure with ...
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