I’m a bit slow on the use of the iPad. The intention was to start a blog post while on a flight from Bristol to Salzburg last Saturday, but I found this little colouring tool. I didn’t have a stylus, obviously, so it’s a bit rustic, and I was in flight! I tried to draw […]

I haven’t written much about my brother recently, probably because everything is ticking a long quite nicely. This week I have been thinking about his generosity towards others. How he always gives to a homeless person in the street and how he will put his change in a charity box at a till. I see […]

Being a woman, you think you know what is going to happen when you ‘reach a certain age’. It isn’t until you actually get to that stage yourself, that you realise that everyone is very different. You hear people who are older than you talking about it, and you seem to be drawn to magazine […]

I still haven’t embraced video blogging or Face Book Live. I’m still stuck in the old ways of the written word, but I’m told that I write just as I sound, which is a good thing I guess, so I must be doing something right. I’ve always been authentic in how I approach people, although […]

poached eggs on avocado brunch

This seems to be the ‘in thing’ for brunch in most restaurants at the moment, and I love it! It’s not difficult to put together at home either, just make sure your avocado is ripe. We all know that can be a bit tricky sometimes. Has anyone tried this tip to ripen one? Packed with goodness. […]

You have a bad day at the office and you take all that ‘stuff’ home with you. It festers away spilling out of you in to your home life. This isn’t healthy, and it could mean you have to disconnect and cut some cords. What does this mean, cutting cords? I’m seeing this so much […]

‘Pixies live in there.’ I said pointing to mossy, leaf covered undergrowth. ‘What, little pig men?’ said my brother. ‘What?’ ‘Pig-zees…… What are they then?’ ‘Male Faeries’ ‘Oh.’ I couldn’t believe I spent the next few minutes explaining what a Pixie looked like and what their role in the eco system was. Bless him. We […]

  This is the season for soup making. Every TV cook has a selection of great new recipes for amazingly nourishing soups, so inspiration is easy to find. I am often looking for a couple of new ones each winter season, but they always pare down to the same base. It’s just the spices you […]

I’ve always found it hard to understand why people are slow to take advice, when it’s quite apparent the information they are being given would really help them. It’s taken me years to not take it personally and to just sit back and wait. This is one of those times when people are hearing about […]

This week, I took charge. I took stock of who, and what drains my energy. I like to think that I connect with people through my work and social media with love and attention. I’m not an unkind person and I always view the world in a positive way.  As I get older it becomes […]


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