Dusty Corners A truly stunning Sunday morning. Warmish with blue skies. Totally spring-like despite being mid January. This was a day when I felt I could do whatever I fancied. I had the house to myself, which although is not unusual, today felt different. I wanted to make the most of my day and not […]

  What IS going to happen? Why is it so important? Some of the Information for this Blog is taken from Diane Coopers website  You must have all heard by now….we are in  2012? What IS going on? Is it the Olympics? The end of the World? A film? What IS IT?? 2012 is the […]

Interesting News today from IIAA – International Institute for Anti Ageing, who distribute Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale. Satsumas and clementines are traditionally eaten in abundance at Christmas time. Do you painstakingly strip off every trace of those little white fibre veins from your fruit? Or do simply peel and eat the lot? Exciting […]

We have held two events this year with Rebekka from IIAA launching The Visia system – a camera producing powerful imaging technology giving an accurate picture of deep down skin problems:Sun Damage*Thread Veins*Lines*Open Pores*Dehydration Provided by IIAA – International Institute for Anti Ageing – this incredible piece of equipment enables us to prescribe the best nutrition and skin […]

So…… What Did October Bring..??? Last month was the busiest October I have ever had despite the staggered starting dates for the New Autumn school term and parents not going whether they were coming or going!The launch of the new Repêchage Biolight Facial was just what the salon needed in the run up to Christmas. Superb new ingredients […]

Theta DNA Healing We are all becoming more and more aware of the power of the mind and its role in creating our reality.  There are many books, lectures, therapists and healers available to help us become more mindful, more positive. But as any good gardener knows, if you don’t pull the weeds out by […]

Why Did I Choose Repêchage as a Product Line? I have recently been looking at other skin care lines….. and still come to the conclusion that Repêchage gives the BEST results…the most IMMEDIATE results and I can’t find anything that even comes close! This made me think that I sometimes forget that my clients, especially new ones don’t know why I […]

NEW! From Repêchage!BIOLIGHTMiracle Facial and Complete Home care Products The latest in Brightening Science using innovative Marine Biotechnology and ground breaking Peptide research, to rapidly help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone while battling hyperpigmentation. A NEW Facial unlike any other…..and a full range of home care products  Pioneers in seaweed based skincare, Repêchage®introduces innovative marine bio-technology […]

Wayside House Natural Health & Beauty Centre in Langport, Somerset

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy…. The most beautifully relaxing, balancing and inspiring treatment on my menu. It is the original ‘hot stone’ treatment…. using the thermo-dynamics of both hot and COLD. I have been offering this incredible treatment for the past 12 years and it just gets better and better. I learnt  ‘La Stone Therapy’ […]

What IS Reiki? REI is the Japanese word meaning ‘universal’ and is also a reference to the higher dimension of light and the soul. KI means ‘vital life force energy’ which interpenetrates and connects all. Reiki is pronounced Ray -Key and can be ‘learnt’ by finding a Reiki Master who can attune you to the energy, but […]


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