Yes, I do want things to be pink and fluffy!

'You just want everything to be pink and fluffy, that's not real life you know.' YES, I do want things ...
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Menopause met Christmas and it wasn’t pretty.

I had no one to entertain, no hoards of visitors to feed, and no long list of presents to purchase, ...
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Christmas stress got to me!

I wouldn't say I was a particularly stressed person these days. Christmas is never a huge affair as we have ...
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Every little bit helps

I've been on a bit of a mission. Unless you have been living under a stone over the past few ...
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All Hallows Eve

It's here again.... All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. It hasn't smelt like Autumn yet as we have been enjoying some ...
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Mindfulness is not something you can use at the dentist!

Mindfulness techniques are something you can't really use at the dentist. Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, and ...
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When did you last read a book?

This may seem like an odd question to those who have a stack of books by the bed or on ...
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Keep to your own pathway.

Sometimes we think we may have strayed from our path, just because we aren't achieving the things we think we ...
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You have what’s called schizophrenia, and there is no cure.

Well this was an interesting one. I've had to learn to spell schizophrenia for this post! Many of you know ...
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I made it!

It may not seem a big deal for many, and I have to say the run up to it was ...
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