We had snow. Now we have a heatwave.

It wasn't that long ago we were all stuck at home because of the snow. I remember it well, as ...
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Where has the time gone? No need to panic, just BE.

I'm a little late in writing a new blog post. I was suddenly aware it is nearly mid summer, and ...
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So I have returned, and we all survived!

The first holiday abroad for my brother was a complete success, and a learning curve for all concerned. We went ...
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First holiday abroad

It's been a long time coming. Today is the day my brother goes on his first real holiday! His first ...
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The Non Holiday

I wait all year for my week of skiing. I'm not a very daring skier, and often find it quite ...
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I’ve been a bit arty.

Some of you will have seen via instagram that I have been a little arty recently. It's been a while ...
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The Big Secret

Most of you will know that my brother has been going through some amazing changes since having a diagnosis of ...
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Yes, I do want things to be pink and fluffy!

'You just want everything to be pink and fluffy, that's not real life you know.' YES, I do want things ...
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Menopause met Christmas and it wasn’t pretty.

I had no one to entertain, no hoards of visitors to feed, and no long list of presents to purchase, ...
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Christmas stress got to me!

I wouldn't say I was a particularly stressed person these days. Christmas is never a huge affair as we have ...
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