It’s a funny time of year

'Out with the old, in with the new'. Is this a phrase you use? I find it a strange time ...
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Are you following a trendy new detox diet?

It's that time of year again. It happens every year - the post Christmas detox. The media is full of ...
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Kangen water

Water Water Everywhere

I keep talking about it. Do we really drink enough throughout our busy days? Hydration is so important. I find that ...
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We all need balance.

We live in a physical world, in our human bodies, and we need to have balance. We are always hearing ...
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It’s Kombucha time!

When I was away skiing in Austria, there were bottles of Kombucha at breakfast, so this became a new morning ...
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Just do it!

I've always found it hard to understand why people are slow to take advice, when it's quite apparent the information ...
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The year turns in to a detox frenzy – again!

The year has turned, and the detox season begins. Again. I guess I must be getting old when it doesn't ...
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Autumn means a new juice regime

We can't say that autumn isn't here. The leaves are turning colour so fast now, one more day or so ...
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Enter the new breakfast. Muesli.

Having spent a week in Austria I have been inspired by the simple but also complex breakfast that is muesli ...
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Juicing or Blending? Find the one that works for you.

I juice everyday. Every morning. It ensures I get my 'five or more a day.' More vegetables than fruit and ...
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