Yes, I do want things to be pink and fluffy!

'You just want everything to be pink and fluffy, that's not real life you know.' YES, I do want things ...
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The shortest day and longest night.

Today is the shortest day and longest night. The Winter Solstice. The pinnacle of Yule Tide.  Thank the Pagans for ...
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All Hallows Eve

It's here again.... All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. It hasn't smelt like Autumn yet as we have been enjoying some ...
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Keep to your own pathway.

Sometimes we think we may have strayed from our path, just because we aren't achieving the things we think we ...
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Sound makes all the difference.

Music moves you, it makes you weep. Some gives you goosebumps. Drums call people together, chimes give focus, and the ...
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Reboot required!

Everyone needs some time away from what they do. Time for a reboot and recharge. For me, all I need ...
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Kangen water

Water Water Everywhere

I keep talking about it. Do we really drink enough throughout our busy days? Hydration is so important. I find that ...
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We all need balance.

We live in a physical world, in our human bodies, and we need to have balance. We are always hearing ...
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Where do you go for some reflection?

Where do you go when you need some time to just be? I'm so lucky to live in the countryside ...
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Things don’t always go to plan.

I'm a bit slow on the use of the iPad. The intention was to start a blog post while on ...
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