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Most of you will know that my brother has been going through some amazing changes since having a diagnosis of Autism and Schizophrenia nearly two years ago. If you are new to this blog, read about it here. We always knew he was different, but could never get him assessed, as he was always falling […]

It’s here again…. All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. It hasn’t smelt like Autumn yet as we have been enjoying some glorious warm weather, but the clocks went back yesterday, and as if by magic, we had a light frost last night, and the smell of autumn is now in the air! The veils grow thin. […]

You don’t have to just eat rice cakes if you are trying to be healthy. I have always used the term ‘everything in moderation’, but I am well aware that knowing what ‘moderation’ is, can be quite difficult as every body is different. Every one of us has a different body and metabolism and it […]

It’s a funny thing closure. Letting go is also quite a weird one. I seem to be finding lots of articles on letting go all over social media. I’m wondering if it’s an age thing? If people could learn to let go earlier in their lives, then there would be less to let go of […]

There’s nothing like a little holiday to reboot and re-evaluate. A change is as good as a rest they say, but the rest is also very useful in allowing the body chance to re-balance and re-charge. The holiday I choose to take is skiing. Not much of a rest in many peoples eyes, but over […]

It often surprises me that there are so many people out there who still assume that juicing is all about loosing weight by drinking liquid broccoli and spinach. I had a light bulb moment the other day when a new client thought I lived on juice. She was a little dismissive when I suggested that […]

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La Stone. Not ‘L.A’ Stones as I find it often referred. People assume it has something to do with Hollywood, but it’s actually due to as a ‘translation error’. The founder of this amazing system of thermotherapy massage and healing, Mary Neslon, is dyslexic and wrote ‘La Stone’ instead of THE Stone. It stuck. It’s […]

The previous post on about juicing verses a ‘bullet’ (or a blender), has created a lot of interest on Face Book and Twitter. It made me realise that the whole planet isn’t actually following the Super Juice Me programme that the Juice Master Jason Vale promotes at this time of year. After all, I didn’t […]

So we nearly have 2015….. I’m never sure if the previous year should be reviewed before, during or after the 31st….1st….or just whenever we feel like it. We can review our lives at any point, but a marker in the calender always seems like a good option. I personally begin by removing, and packing away […]

Having hosted a couple of Jane Iredale make up events over the past month, I thought a couple of mascara top tips for parties would be helpful! Obviously the best results are from the using Jane Iredale mascara due to the lack of shellacs and drying ingredients, but use up the one you have at […]

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