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Today is the shortest day and longest night. The Winter Solstice. The pinnacle of Yule Tide.  Thank the Pagans for Christmas. It’s not all about babies in mangers. It’s much deeper than that. As you know, I am a lone witch. I don’t do full blown ceremonies with masses of people at Stonehenge. I like […]

Sometimes we think we may have strayed from our path, just because we aren’t achieving the things we think we should be. Social media is partly responsible for this, but we have always as a human race, often wanted what others have. The grass always being greener and all that jazz. Your pathway is individual […]

The veils between the worlds become thin. It’s halloween. What does this mean to you? When I was a child back in the 70s, there was no Trick or Treat. The most you got was apple bobbing, but to be honest I think that more on Bonfire Night. I can’t actually remember anything happening on All […]

It’s funny when I look back on my life how many people have asked, ‘Are you a witch?’ Jokingly I would say yes! There must have been a reason why they asked though. I’m certainly not part of a coven, I don’t dress up in a cloak (although I’ve always rather liked the idea) and […]

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