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From an early age – well about 12 – I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a beauty therapist. Not a beautician, that’s different. I wanted this so badly, but teachers told me that I should go into catering because I was very good at cookery. There weren’t courses in beauty […]

At school I would wish so hard that we would run out of time and the lesson would end so I wouldn’t have to read out loud. I thought about this today as I was driving to The Kitchen at The Wharf in Langport –  my hosting venue for Somerset Art Weeks. As a child […]

Now, don’t get me wrong, some people are very happy in their jobs and live their whole life doing what they do never wanting or needing to change. I know I was. I always wanted to be a beauty therapist. From the age of 13 when I had to choose options at school, I knew […]

Since I’ve been working more within the art field, I’ve come across people who have no idea what a ‘commission’ really means. It’s either something they have never thought about, as they have never bought an original piece of art or, they have no art on their walls at all. Is it the word that […]

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally had the ski holiday we missed out on last year, when the Beast From The East scuppered our flight. If you are new to this blog, then read about the turning point here. I’m not a natural born skier. You know this. I didn’t learn […]

It’s a question we hear a lot these days, or is it just an age thing, and we are just more aware of it? Were we being told about being happy in our skin at the age of 20? Probably not. We were all concerned over our cellulite and big thighs, which diet was the […]

What an incredible few days! Who would have thought a year ago I would be holding my debut exhibition? Things have moved so quickly it’s incredible. If you have been a follower of mine for a while, you will know that this is a natural progression from the healing work I already do, but not […]

My brother wanted to go to London. Why? To see Buckingham Palace. It’s the simple things. He visited London as a very young child, but can’t remember it at all. His only experience of the big city is what he sees on the news. So, I planned a trip. He thought the coach would be […]

‘Who does all the art?’ Asked a client I treated yesterday, as he looked at the gallery wall. A client who is not subscribed to the newsletter, and has no interest in any social media, so how would he know? Me. It’s my art. Now that shocked him a bit. Then came the questions: How […]

It wasn’t that long ago we were all stuck at home because of the snow. I remember it well, as I had the non-holiday! – although this did enable me to start a new project, so all wasn’t lost. There is always an upside….. well, most of the time. We are now enjoying a real heatwave – […]

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