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It often surprises me that there are so many people out there who still assume that juicing is all about loosing weight by drinking liquid broccoli and spinach. I had a light bulb moment the other day when a new client thought I lived on juice. She was a little dismissive when I suggested that […]

So, some of you have done a full detox, some have just cleared out the cheese and chocolate mountain from Christmas and others are still, very admirably, on the 28 day Global Detox with Jason Vale.  Whatever little post Christmas re-boot you have chosen, remember that the key is BALANCE! There is no point in […]

Disaster struck on Friday. I gathered all my juicing ingredients, turned on the juicer…and …nothing. No power. Dead. Now, I’m always very calm and patient when things break down. Tracking back the fault. Making sure all components are correctly inserted, and only then do I check the fuse. Nothing. Still dead. Arrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!! Mega disaster! My […]

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