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Kangen water

I keep talking about it. Do we really drink enough throughout our busy days? Hydration is so important. I find that I am more hydrated on the days I work with clients. I pour a glass for them, and pour one for myself. As an energy worker, I must stay hydrated in order to hold light/energy/vibration. […]

We live in a physical world, in our human bodies, and we need to have balance. We are always hearing about how we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In order to have this experience and enjoy it to the full, we need to look after both sides. The physical and the emotional. We […]

When I was away skiing in Austria, there were bottles of Kombucha at breakfast, so this became a new morning ritual, together with the Bircher! I had occasionally bought small bottles of Kombucha from Abel and Cole with my veg box, but in order to have a daily dose, it would be quite expensive. So why […]

Being a woman, you think you know what is going to happen when you ‘reach a certain age’. It isn’t until you actually get to that stage yourself, that you realise that everyone is very different. You hear people who are older than you talking about it, and you seem to be drawn to magazine […]

I’ve always found it hard to understand why people are slow to take advice, when it’s quite apparent the information they are being given would really help them. It’s taken me years to not take it personally and to just sit back and wait. This is one of those times when people are hearing about […]

The year has turned, and the detox season begins. Again. I guess I must be getting old when it doesn’t seem five minutes ago I was extolling the virtues of a morning juice regime and dry body brushing to kick start the New Year of 2106. A whole year on, and I’m here again seeing […]

It’s not just for one day, this Christmas lark. It should extend through the whole season of Yule. The increased shopping frenzy and the worry if we have enough cheese in the fridge is just all-consuming. No wonder people feel the stress much more at this time of year. Christmas comes every year and every […]

It wasn’t until I started skiing in Austria that I discovered the joys of raw fermented sauerkraut. Every day with the second course salad I would pile up raw cabbage and enjoy every mouthful. It was just like coleslaw without the mayo, but I didn’t realise exactly how good it was for me until I […]

We can’t say that autumn isn’t here. The leaves are turning colour so fast now, one more day or so of cold weather and they will be forming a carpet on the ground. This is the time of year to reevaluate your self care programme and diet, and if, like me you like to eat […]

Is it time to hunker down yet? Not that I’m complaining about our lovely extended sunny days and dry weather. The trees seem to be holding on their leaves, which means just one thing – they will probably drop in one massive dump! I still have apples on my trees and no sign of the […]

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