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Being a woman, you think you know what is going to happen when you ‘reach a certain age’. It isn’t until you actually get to that stage yourself, that you realise that everyone is very different. You hear people who are older than you talking about it, and you seem to be drawn to magazine […]

Why do I use these products?  There are stories behind both of these unique ranges, with Repechage having been part of my professional life for nearly 30 years. When I started my first salon back in 1987 the beauty industry was small, and so were the ranges on the market. Other than Clarins and Quinot, […]

So the college reunion last weekend with 10 beauty therapists, many not in the industry any more, was a huge success. One of those events that you get yourself all worked up about and then find everything just slots in to how it used to be. Our class was very close. There were two groups […]

Sometimes things just fall into your path, but you have to be awake enough to notice them. For all of you who are on your ‘pathway’ (and know I hate that term!) will understand the underlying message in the term ‘awake’. A few weeks ago I was approached by a good friend Jane Alexander, who […]

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