The tree is the focus of my Yuletide

For me Christmas is more a whole season rather than just a day, and the main event for me is the tree.  There have only been a couple of years when we have had an artificial one. Since living in our current house, the choosing of a fresh tree is left to MrH – under […]


It’s not just for one day, this Christmas lark. It should extend through the whole season of Yule. The increased shopping frenzy and the worry if we have enough cheese in the fridge is just all-consuming. No wonder people feel the stress much more at this time of year. Christmas comes every year and every […]


It’s very often the small things that give the most joy. Yesterday was one of those days. For those of you who have been following the story of my autistic brother over the summer, you will know that we have moved on from a very dark place. A place of sectioning under the Mental Health […]

Raw Sauerkraut

It wasn’t until I started skiing in Austria that I discovered the joys of raw fermented sauerkraut. Every day with the second course salad I would pile up raw cabbage and enjoy every mouthful. It was just like coleslaw without the mayo, but I didn’t realise exactly how good it was for me until I […]


Here we are again. A supermoon. Not just any supermoon, this is the largest one in nearly 70 years. It will appear a third brighter than usual with NASA saying its about 14% wider than a normal full moon. Now, we all know by now that the moon doesn’t grow and it’s not actually larger […]


We can’t say that autumn isn’t here. The leaves are turning colour so fast now, one more day or so of cold weather and they will be forming a carpet on the ground. This is the time of year to reevaluate your self care programme and diet, and if, like me you like to eat […]


For once I am organised for Christmas. Well, as far as the Christmas cake making goes anyway. I’m sure with social media and especially instagram, we can all see if we are lagging behind in the preparation stakes and this can cause a bit of panic. We have quieter Christmases now that grandparents have passed […]


  When I first moved here to the countryside after selling my two salons, I knew exactly which direction I was taking. I wanted to be able to treat clients on a one-to-one basis in an environment that enabled total peace and relaxation. I left behind the bustling high street salon environment and wanted to […]


The veils between the worlds become thin. It’s halloween. What does this mean to you? When I was a child back in the 70s, there was no Trick or Treat. The most you got was apple bobbing, but to be honest I think that more on Bonfire Night. I can’t actually remember anything happening on All […]


A little update is in order as a few clients have been asking how my brother is getting on. The brief answer is, he is doing very well indeed. Better than we could have imagined! He moved to his new flat three weeks ago and after a period of adjustment, he has begun to settle in […]


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