A little update is in order as a few clients have been asking how my brother is getting on. The brief answer is, he is doing very well indeed. Better than we could have imagined! He moved to his new flat three weeks ago and after a period of adjustment, he has begun to settle in […]


Is it time to hunker down yet? Not that I’m complaining about our lovely extended sunny days and dry weather. The trees seem to be holding on their leaves, which means just one thing – they will probably drop in one massive dump! I still have apples on my trees and no sign of the […]


You don’t have to just eat rice cakes if you are trying to be healthy. I have always used the term ‘everything in moderation’, but I am well aware that knowing what ‘moderation’ is, can be quite difficult as every body is different. Every one of us has a different body and metabolism and it […]


You can’t expect to help and heal others if you don’t look after yourself. This is a fact. However, we are all human and sometimes life can take over a little, and we forget. The ten minutes of morning yoga can easily disappear. The five minutes of mindfulness while doing the washing up just gets […]


So Sunday is moving day. It seems like quite a long haul when I look back on the blog posts over the past few months, but in the grand scheme of things it’s been quite a speedy process. Or so I have been told by a nurse on my brothers ward. ‘These things normally take […]


We got it! A new direction for my autistic brother. Funding has been approved! We have waited years for him to get the help he so badly needed but he never scored highly enough on the social care questionnaire. Just one point off would mean he didn’t ‘qualify’ for a social worker. That one point […]


So the story of my brother continues. I am still seeing him once a week to keep his spirits up while we wait for the funding panel to say YES on Thursday…. Notice what I did there? Positive thoughts and writing will manifest the result! Today, I drove to town to meet him from his […]


Are you waxing or waning? I used to be very confused by this terminology, then one day it just made sense. A waxing moon in one that is ‘filling up’, as in becoming full. Depicted in your diary and calendar as a white circle. A full-up moon. Then, when it goes past that stage, it […]


It’s funny when I look back on my life how many people have asked, ‘Are you a witch?’ Jokingly I would say yes! There must have been a reason why they asked though. I’m certainly not part of a coven, I don’t dress up in a cloak (although I’ve always rather liked the idea) and […]


I was converted to muesli after a ski holiday to Austria earlier in the year. You could just add all the extra bits you liked and grind a  selection of seeds in a lovely wooden spice mill making it kind of special. After a few weeks of being back home the novelty had worn off […]


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