‘Pixies live in there.’ I said pointing to mossy, leaf covered undergrowth. ‘What, little pig men?’ said my brother. ‘What?’ ‘Pig-zees…… What are they then?’ ‘Male Faeries’ ‘Oh.’ I couldn’t believe I spent the next few minutes explaining what a Pixie looked like and what their role in the eco system was. Bless him. We […]

  This is the season for soup making. Every TV cook has a selection of great new recipes for amazingly nourishing soups, so inspiration is easy to find. I am often looking for a couple of new ones each winter season, but they always pare down to the same base. It’s just the spices you […]

I’ve always found it hard to understand why people are slow to take advice, when it’s quite apparent the information they are being given would really help them. It’s taken me years to not take it personally and to just sit back and wait. This is one of those times when people are hearing about […]

This week, I took charge. I took stock of who, and what drains my energy. I like to think that I connect with people through my work and social media with love and attention. I’m not an unkind person and I always view the world in a positive way.  As I get older it becomes […]

The year has turned, and the detox season begins. Again. I guess I must be getting old when it doesn’t seem five minutes ago I was extolling the virtues of a morning juice regime and dry body brushing to kick start the New Year of 2106. A whole year on, and I’m here again seeing […]

Here is is again. The Solstice. It hardly seems any time at all since I was writing about this last year, and now it’s here again. Time seems to be marked with events that stick in your mind that aren’t just birthdays. For me, the shortest day and the longest, darkest night, is a real […]

Today, being the last Sunday before Christmas, I expected great crowds in Taunton town. It was practically deserted. Not a bad thing as my brother doesn’t do crowds and finds queuing frustrating. We met for our now regular monthly Sunday breakfast at The Cosy Club, and then to do a little food shopping. ‘It’s freezing.’ He […]

For me Christmas is more a whole season rather than just a day, and the main event for me is the tree.  There have only been a couple of years when we have had an artificial one. Since living in our current house, the choosing of a fresh tree is left to MrH – under […]

It’s not just for one day, this Christmas lark. It should extend through the whole season of Yule. The increased shopping frenzy and the worry if we have enough cheese in the fridge is just all-consuming. No wonder people feel the stress much more at this time of year. Christmas comes every year and every […]

It’s very often the small things that give the most joy. Yesterday was one of those days. For those of you who have been following the story of my autistic brother over the summer, you will know that we have moved on from a very dark place. A place of sectioning under the Mental Health […]


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